The Problem

A Virginia-based entrepreneur was looking to open his second brewery. And this time, he wanted to do something radically different. In a craft market overrun by a kaleidoscopic surge of complex, palate-exploding brews, he wanted a product and brand that felt simple, unpretentious, nostalgic. An “anti-craft, craft beer,” as he put it. Most of all the brewery had to be driven by a vision that influenced every decision and shaped every expression of the brand.


Our Solution

Early strategy defined our target audience as the “curious craft drinker”—a large and growing contingent of consumers that were interested in craft beer, yet a bit overwhelmed at the variety of choices and steep learning curve required.

We knew the brewery had to be steeped in a real sense of place. Scouring the history and culture of the brewery’s locale, we came across a legend of buried treasure that provide the spark of inspiration for a comprehensive brand experience.


The Results

With our strategic and creative direction in place, we began building all the elements of an engaging new beer brand. From the name, to the product offer, to the packing, interior design and brewery experience. Beale’s Beer will open it’s doors and show up in stores in the summer of 2017.