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Amanda Abell
Brand Manager

Amanda Abell is a strategist with a journalistic instinct, driven by a need to understand human behavior and a passion for finding the untold story. A natural problem-solver, she believes we are never done learning and loves putting on her investigative hat to reveal what’s at the core for her clients and their customers.

Amanda has spent her career fostering authentic communication experiences to create meaningful connections with people around the world. She brings a unique perspective to the team at Joe Smith, marrying her brand strategy expertise with a background in journalism, marketing and public relations. She’s partnered with companies of all kinds – from nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies – including Rockwell Automation, Sanofi Pasteur, Bridgestone Americas, 3M and Be The Match. Amanda earned her bachelor’s degree in strategic communication from the University of Minnesota.

When she’s not translating strategy into purposeful positioning, you can find Amanda running through the streets of New York City, quieting her curious mind at a nearby yoga studio, adding to her list of favorite coffee shops and taking in all the magic the city has to offer.

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