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Dan Morrison
Brand Vice President

Dan Morrison obsesses about value and how it drives people to make decisions. For two decades he’s helped organizations understand the value customers seek at every brand interaction – so they can deliver an experience that builds brands and grows businesses. As brand vice president at Joe Smith, Padilla’s brand consultancy, Dan helps clients define value propositions and build customer experiences that thrive in our digital world.

Prior to joining Joe Smith, Dan was the head of data, analytics and operations for Facebook’s Community Partnerships team. There he helped scale the team across five continents by leveraging internal and external technologies and advanced analytics. Dan previously was an associate partner at Prophet, a global brand and marketing consultancy, where he helped re-imagine its innovation practice and expand its digital client base.

Dan is also the founder of two digital startups, including Citizen Effect, one of the first crowdfunding platforms for social good.

Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in history and public policy from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and a master’s in Middle Eastern studies from the University of Chicago.

A rabid baseball fan, Dan can be found coaching his son’s team on local baseball fields and checking Cubs scores on his phone in the summer. He also enjoys visiting state parks with his wife and three boys – and dreams of the day he will finish his novel.

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