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Evan McGee
Brand Strategist

Evan is driven by a belief that new ideas can be found in mundane places. That drive comes to life on every project he touches – sifting through research to uncover interesting bits and pieces, discovering patterns in data, and building compelling insights. He’s never come across a subject that doesn’t interest him.

Before joining Joe Smith, Evan earned his master’s at the VCU Brandcenter – one of the nation’s top graduate-level marketing and communication programs – where he learned to combine creative and strategic thinking to solve business problems and create brand strategy.

Evan is an avid collector, constantly adding to his collections of vinyl records, coffee mugs, watches and fountain pens. On the weekend you can find him overstaying his welcome at a coffee shop, frantically reading and struggling to keep on pace to accomplish his yearly goal of finishing at least one book every week.

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