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John Gaglio
Brand Manager

John is passionate about what he doesn’t know. As a result, he’s the first in the room to say, “I don’t know,” which very much frustrates his wife and two children. But it’s a great way to overcome implicit biases and ask the right questions that can reveal the most interesting stories behind the research and data which inundate all marketing professionals today.

One thing John does know is that he enjoys helping build brands through creative collaboration. Throughout his time as a brand manager, he’s helped lead IMC agency teams to build and execute campaigns for brands at The Coca-Cola Company, Beam Suntory, ESPN, and UnitedHealthcare, as well as helping to build the internal brand of the agencies where he has worked.

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in history and economics from the University of Virginia, John also holds a master’s in creative brand management from the VCU Brandcenter.

It is debatable whether John knows how to play any musical instruments or the sport of soccer, but in his spare time you can find him struggling to educate his hands and feet to learn.

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