A strong brand shapes a culture and anchors employee engagement like nothing else. And engagement is the top driver of business performance and impact across multiple marketplace measures. We help align and transform your organization around your brand’s purpose and experience. 

By embedding your brand in often siloed areas such as business planning and physical spaces, innovation platforms and leadership strategy, performance management and marketing campaigns, employee communication and operations, we equip you with practices and tools that perpetuate and sustain a brand-led, high performance culture.


+ Corporate Narrative & Storytelling

We’ve learned over the years that, when it comes to leading growth and change, a story pretty much trumps bullet points and pivot tables every time. And never more so than when sharing your brand strategy to inspire, engage and motivate employees and key stakeholders. A thoughtfully crafted and powerfully communicated corporate narrative lays out the company’s purpose and strategy with emotion, conviction and clarity, equipping others to believe in, advocate for, and act upon the brand and its aspirations to deliver impact.`

Organizations come to us for two reasons, most often when undergoing strategic transformation. First, to help them build a new narrative and create the means and tools for delivering it. And to develop the communication strategy, leaders’ storytelling skills, and portfolio of touchpoints and experiences that will overcome skepticism and persuade to organization to come onboard.

We help companies craft the story that leaders need to share everything from the future they imagine to growth strategies and service and product line innovations to the seeds of a cultural transformation. Then we help inoculate the organization with that narrative everywhere it’s needed through speaker training, social and digital interactions, presentations and workshops, collaterals, and experiences that bring it to life in meaningful, momentum building ways.

+ Brand Activation: “Learn | Believe | Live”

Over the years, we’ve too often seen that traditional brand activation approaches leave organizations doubting the value of their investment and employees wondering what all of this has to do with their day-to-day responsibilities and routines. Beautifully crafted one-way brand activation plans and collaterals designed to cascade effortlessly throughout the organization no longer yield the intended knowledge and engagement throughout the organization, much less the intended payoff.

For a brand to take root and thrive, it must become the glue that binds the organization together around a common purpose and shared practices that activate the purpose in ways meaningful both to employees and the marketplace. This means the brand must be embedded in leadership, strategy, operations, innovation, organizational design, and talent development—the day-to-day forums and venues of the life of the organization.

Achieving such impact is no easy task and must be staged deliberately and consistently over time until news behaviors and practices become habits. The means and tools for achieving such impact are varied and plentiful, and typically customized to each brand’s unique challenges and opportunitities. But the path brands must follow for successful, sustained activation is simple and clear: People must be given ongoing opportunities to learn, believe, and live the brand’s purpose and story.


During the Learn Phase, leaders socialize the corporate narrative—broadly and with natural communities throughout the culture—in fresh and unexpected ways that are mindful of existing cultural dynamics and concerns regarding change. Employees get a taste of 1) What our brand believes and stands for; 2) What the change means for the company’s future; 3) What this “means for me”: and 4) What to expect in the days and weeks to come.


The Believe Phase focuses on three critical tasks: 1) Creating and sharing the brand messaging and materials throughout the organization; 2) Integrating the brand principles into real-time projects and daily work to test and learn how it works across offers, categories and/or regions; 3) Receiving success stories and feedback to build grassroots confidence and strengthen organizational practices.


The primary goal of the Live Phase is to standardize brand activation throughout the organization’s mindset and practices so that new ways of working become habits honored and embraced throughout the organization because they deliver on the brand’s purpose in ways that engage employees hearts and minds. We’re into the nitty gritty of developing cultural norms, rituals and work processes, evolving training programs and aligning talent and performance management, rethinking organizational design, and leveraging the brand as the unifier and guide for business decisions and growth strategy.