Your brand’s most powerful marketing comes through your customer’s stories—not yours—of well-crafted brand experiences. A seamless collection of products and services, digital and physical interactions deliver a potent set of touchpoints that encourage trial, love and loyalty. When built with your brand purpose at the center, your experience becomes more effective than any advertising or promotion. 

Exceptional brand experiences—and the touchpoints inside of them—are born from brilliant customer insights, guided by strategy. and constructed with skill and care. But, they also require the focus and willingness of leadership to bring it to market, and a team willing to develop and manage the many moving parts to operationalize.

We help companies innovate the brand experience by assessing their existing customer journey, developing new concepts for the entire experience as well as the moments along the way, and helping leadership align and inspire employees around the need to support the evolution.   


+ Experience Assessment

Innovating the experience for your customers—whether you’re a direct-to-consumer or business-to-business organization—should be one of every company’s strategic priorities. And to do so, you have to start with the customer. Uncovering and deconstructing the journey the currently experience with your brand.

At Joe Smith, we help companies assess existing and build better customer experiences by deconstructing and visualizing your customer’s journey. Through this process we find answers to questions like “How do customers think and behave, make decisions, enter and depart an interaction with your brand?” “Where are the opportunities to simplify their experience and create joy?” “In what ways can we leave an unforgettable impression through high impact moments?”

We then build a map to bring the existing journey to life and target the opportunities for improvement. The work becomes the foundation for inventing a new or evolving the existing journey with more potent and memorable moments of interaction.

+ Experience Concepting

Ideas are the seeds of innovation. In the decades of experience leading brainstorming studios and developing concepts for clients, we’ve learned a thing or two about the qualities of a powerful idea capable of leading to innovation. And we’ve used that to shape the way we work with client to create new experiences for their brand.

Concepting journeys with Joe Smith follow a framework for creative development that we’ve used successfully for years: Envision, inspire, create, filter and craft. It’s a process that allows us to explore the bluest oceans of inspiration, generate the highest volume of ideas within a platform; then craft those ideas into a well built concept capable of being tested.

+ Experience Management

We’ve seen plenty of great experience concepts flourish or fail based upon the level of organizational engagement. From the teams responsible for operationalizing components of the experience to the front-line employees responsible for delivering and managing it, everyone needs to understand and commit to the role they play.

We work with your teams to gain leadership and employee alignment and commitment using strategic storytelling, training and activation events. Think of us as coaches who stand by your side, working to insure your evolution builds momentum and sticks.