Case Study


Giving life to a hospitality brand’s recruiting experience.


Chick-fil-A delivers good food and gracious service. Hiring the right employees for its corporate office is crucial to supporting success in restaurants around the country. However, in a time of dynamic growth and expansion, its corporate talent recruitment program had become static. Chick-fil-A brought in Joe Smith to craft a fresh expression of what makes Chick-fil-A unique, in order to attract the next generation of corporate talent.


The type of candidates Chick-fil-A seeks for the corporate office are looking for more than a job or paycheck. The company wants a thriving environment for professional growth and personal fulfillment.


Idea Work can be more than a job — and at Chick-fil-A, it is. To bring this core idea to life in its recruiting efforts, the company needed to move from generic-feeling corporate stories and visuals to inspiring moments that reflect the unique experience of working at Chick-fil-A and compel top candidates to apply.


To refocus Chick-fil-A’s recruitment program, Joe Smith built the essence of the employee value proposition, “Work full of life.” We then crafted a full recruiting platform to meet prospective employees at every moment of their Chick-fil-A recruiting experience. This included messaging, web copy and digital ads, as well as the strategy and production for a new brand anthem video. Our team also developed materials for recruiters and a training workbook to help them make the story their own. All content included “on-brand” photography and video footage to reflect the true employee experience in all its fullness.


Chick-fil-A’s new recruitment platform laid a foundation that activated and amplified its brand to prospective employees. The company has seen an increase in applications from qualified candidates through LinkedIn and Glassdoor. Chick-fil-A’s LinkedIn followers also grew by 47,000 (and counting) to total more than 100,000 after implementing a new content strategy with the recruitment messaging, videos and photography — a fresh expression of the Chick-fil-A brand for a new generation of talent.


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