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The Problem

In 2014, GE’s operations in China were growing faster than ever before. But with that growth came a complex regulatory environment and other market challenges. To develop its business leaders’ ability to navigate these dynamics, GE wanted to design a two-week program that would take leaders on a tour of three major business centers in China: Shanghai, Chengdu and Beijing. Through the two-week exploration, GE’s leaders would investigate the historical and cultural infrastructure that governed China’s marketplace and shaped the practices of Chinese business. 

The trip included site visits to top performing businesses in China, participation in Chinese traditions and a full schedule of presentations from thought leaders in education, politics and economics at Peking University. 

GE came to Joe Smith with a request - help us build a more immersive experience into the program that will engage leaders in a meaningful way and guide development of a strategic perspective from the group.


Our Solution

After reviewing the program, Joe Smith recommended implementing an experience strategy that would accomplish three objectives. 

  1. Inspire and prepare leaders’ mindset ahead of the event for the experience.
  2. Capture personal reflections and insights from each day’s agenda. 
  3. Synthesize findings and observations for a report out of recommendations.

To deliver this Joe Smith designed a daily engagement journal. Running on a mobile platform, the journal engaged leaders around daily themes through provocative questions, in-the-moment assignments and doses of relevant inspiration. This enabled GE leaders to absorb their experience in an inspiring way while working towards the purpose of the visit. 


The Results

As a result, top leaders in GE’s business divisions became more informed and better equipped to lead for long-term success in China. Through the experience strategy Joe Smith designed, the leaders also created a report out that shaped GE’s business strategy in China going forward.