The Problem

GE was faced with a significant challenge in 2013 – aligning its Power and Water division around a common purpose. Joe Smith was brought in to develop an effective strategy around customer-focus, including a plan for its adoption. For GE to embrace and implement this new purpose throughout its entire Power and Water division, a strategy needed to be deployed in two areas - its culture and its campus.


Employees needed a shared objective that would drive performance, process and decision-making in the short and long term. To evolve the culture, Joe Smith developed a new purpose statement that outlined norms and habits and activated it through several leadership-driven events in 2014.


GE P&W’s headquarters is currently in Schenectady, NY. The campus has a rich history that dates back to the origins of the company. With the facility in decline, Joe Smith was invited to help GE devise a campus wide strategy that both tells the story of Schenectady and improves its customer experience.


Our Solution

We enhanced the experience for GE P&W's internal and external customers by creating a north star to direct every brand touchpoint. Then, activated the company's refined purpose through a series of events and projects. 


The Power and Water Way
Joe Smith developed a purpose statement and value proposition to align GE P&W around what it exists to do as a company. The Power and Water Way is the focal point of GE P&W’s customer experience strategy and guides internal and external initiatives around the world. It brings their brand to life for customers and reminds them of who they are as employees. 

Global Leadership Meeting (2014)
GE P&W hosts a Global Leadership Meeting for its executives each year. The purpose of the event is to be a rallying cry that inspires and empowers GE P&W leaders to pursue a successful year of business. The session is comprised of expert speakers and meaningful experiences focused around a common theme. Joe Smith helped GE P&W craft the 2014 Global Leadership Meeting with customer-focus activation in mind.

 Customer Week
In an effort to encourage a customer-focused business culture, GE P&W takes a week out of each year to inspire and train its employees around customer experience. Joe Smith was asked to develop a strategy for Customer Week that integrated with the Power and Water Way. As a result Joe Smith came up with a schedule of events and activities that were put into action by managers throughout the organization. The week empowered GE employees to see the value and impact of their work and to consider their customers throughout the year.


Schenectady Upgrades
Joe Smith recommended a plan for significant upgrades throughout the Schenectady campus. The purpose of these upgrades was to bring the GE P&W brand to life while improving the experience for visitors and customers. These improvements included historic building renovations, interior designs to make spaces more functional and way finding to guide visitors around campus. Construction is currently underway.

Customer Visits
GE P&W hosts customers on the Schenectady Campus throughout the year. These are critical visits that often involve proposal and renewal of service contracts. Joe Smith was invited to craft the experience strategy for these visits with the intention of strengthening GE’s relationship with its customers. Piloting the strategy with a large renewable energy company, Joe Smith built a campus tour that invited the customer into the GE P&W story. We also designed more functional and comfortable workspaces and devised a session for the customer to interact with GE employees directly.