The Problem

Algae’s secret was out. It packed a serious punch that had major implications for the future of health, science and medicine. Several biotech companies saw an opportunity and began to cultivate the billion-year-old organism to offer algae based products and services. As these companies took shape, most assumed the identity of the typical natural brand - happy, crunchy and holistic. As an industry, algae served that market – but it could also be much more. And no one understood that better than Heliae. 

Heliae saw unbridled potential for the little green organism that could. In Heliae’s eyes, algae could do it all - it was a source for food, energy, beauty products, the opportunities were limitless. The biotech company was approaching the algae industry with a completely different mindset than its competition - blue sky thinking with boots in the dirt.  A determination to dream big and a drive to make ideas reality through innovation and technology.


Our Solution

Heliae realized it had a unique perspective and asked Joe Smith to help develop a value proposition that would allow customers to fully appreciate everything the company offered. An audit of Heliae’s positioning inside the algae industry lead us to a surprising conclusion. No one was telling algae’s story. The organism responsible for life on planet earth was receiving little to no recognition for its benefits. So we got to work and crafted a narrative that told algae’s rich story in a way that customers could understand. Inside of that we elevated Heliae as the biotech company responsible for harnessing algae’s potential to create real solutions for customer needs.

To do so, we provided recommendations for Heliae’s messaging strategy that streamlined the way it showed up in the marketplace. We also created photographic guidelines that determined the role of imagery inside of Heliae’s marketing and advertising campaigns. Lastly, we constructed a refined value proposition that focused on customer needs and conveyed the company’s progressive and ambitious mindset.


 The Results

The work ultimately created a more cohesive brand experience for Heliae and gave its sales force a more compelling story to tell about the solutions offered through algae products and services. 

The project also provided clarity around the specific market segments Heliae serves and the target customer groups to cater to going forward.