Matt Brehony   Brand Experience Manager

Matt Brehony Brand Experience Manager

Matt Brehony is a copywriter and creative thinker with a knack for finding purpose and poetry in unexpected places. A natural storyteller, Matt loves immersing in the world of his clients to uncover the inspiring narrative that renews their convictions and reminds them why they to do what they do.

Matt’s creative career began almost by accident, when he was an office assistant for a New York restaurateur. Sensing his boss’ frustration with their publicist’s latest release, he took a break from making coffee and changing fax toner (yes, he’s that old) and offered to give it a go. Within a matter of months, Matt was writing press releases, web copy and ads for all of the company’s two-dozen restaurants, as well as consulting on high-level concepting and menu design. Throughout his eclectic career, he has found work as a writer, actor, musician and marketing director. With Joe Smith, Matt has helped GE transform they way they do college recruiting, aided an art museum in the creation of a cool customer experience, and assisted a small bio-tech start-up in uncovering the unexpectedly inspiring story of algae.

When he's not concocting stories and strategies for clients, Matt can be found chasing after his triplet sons and attempting to convert a mold-infested outbuilding into a kick-ass recording studio.