Case Study


Shaping the future customer experience.


Chick-fil-A promises and delivers exceptional hospitality and customer service. However, with increased competition, capacity challenges and rising customer expectations, the company needed to ensure it could continue to deliver on that promise, now and into the future.


Chick-fil-A had a roadmap of independent priorities and future projects across its drive-thru, inside-restaurant and digital experiences. While each were informed by research and guided by a set of frameworks, there was little in place to ensure the hospitality and service experience was consistent across all channels and customer touchpoints. It was time to step back and see the forest through the trees — to clearly define Chick-fil-A’s future hospitality and service experience.



Joe Smith would create a holistic and directive brand experience strategy that:



Over the course of eight months, Joe Smith worked with four different cross-functional Chick-fil-A teams: Strategy, Inside-Restaurant, Drive-thru and Digital. We guided each team through a combination of real-world, off-site explorations (e.g., Walt Disney World) and ideation sessions to fuel fresh thinking around customer experience. We then developed new concepts in the form of customer journey maps and tested them live with customers. Armed with these insights, we developed a set of experience principles to inform all hospitality and service experiences, independent of channel or touchpoint. Finally, we packaged all our findings, principles and experience concepts into a strategic document that included recommendations for activation and prioritization of initiatives.


Chick-fil-A embraced and continued to refine the new set of experience principles, along with the strategic recommendations. Early feedback indicates that the strategy and experience principles are informing the prioritization of future projects and new experience designs.

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