Align your customer experience
to the new reality

Align Your CX to the New Reality

Customer behaviors change when they value something new. The challenge now is in rapidly adapting to that change.


The COVID-19 disruption has significantly altered what customers value and, as a result, behaviors are changing rapidly and dramatically. Expectations of safety, amplified by laws and regulations, are resulting in permanent structural changes that will persist regardless of the new reality that emerges.

All companies need to re-evaluate their customer experience, adapting and innovating it to meet customers where they are in this new, emerging reality. This is always important, but now it is a business imperative.

Three questions you should ask

  1. What is more important to your customers now than in the past and how is what they value changing?

  2. How are customer behaviors shifting and are these shifts temporary or permanent?

  3. What do you need to do to serve your customers with new experiences and offers in this shifting environment?

How Joe Smith can help

Shift Analysis
A rapid study of internal customer data and observational market and customer research to clearly define how customer values and behaviors are shifting so you can take action.

CX Re-mapping
A mapping of the new and emergent customer journey, noting where behaviors have changed, spotting gaps, and future-casting to identify opportunities for experience innovation.

Innovation Sprint
A focused sprint that leverages insights on customer value and behavior shifts to create new experience and offer concepts that are rapidly tested and implemented to generate revenue.


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