Evolve your culture
for the new reality

Evolve your culture for the new reality

Now is the time to capture and codify the building blocks of your future culture.


COVID-19 is forcing employees to work differently, generate ideas faster and leave old habits behind. However, organizations are missing the opportunity to capture emerging values, behaviors and employee experiences that could define their evolving culture—the one that will drive employee engagement and marketplace performance now and after COVID-19.


  1. Are our corporate values helping us right now? Why or why not?

  2. What employee behaviors are emerging and which ones should we keep or leave behind?

  3. How is the overall employee experience changing and how is “virtual work” influencing its change?

How Joe Smith can help

Values Diagnostic

An ethnographic, digitally-based research project to understand the actual vs. stated values and behaviors at play, and then determine the best path forward toward a healthy organization.


A series of collaborative, virtual workshops to dig deep into the day-to-day experience, the impact of a virtual work environment and design future employee experiences.


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