Put a plan in place
for your purpose

Purpose-led organizations weather downturns more successfully—better poised to evolve and grow.


Uncertainty around COVID-19 has prompted people to reflect on what they value. Companies, while experiencing upending changes, want effective ways to keep employees engaged. Many lack the basic tool that both defines what matters and focuses their direction and culture: purpose. To persevere while readying for evolution and growth, companies must lean into their purpose now more so than ever.

Three questions you should ask

  1. What’s our organization fighting for right now? What should it be?

  2. How can we strengthen our employees’ belief in our purpose?

  3. How can we set ourselves up to recover and reset well? What guides our decisions?

How Joe Smith can help

Purpose Reset for Leaders

No matter its current state, we will assess the current impact of your purpose, craft revisions, and align leaders to draw on purpose for motivation and decision-making.

Strategy Built on Purpose

A workshop that guides leaders through strategic conversations on managing the uncertain present and unknown future by using purpose as both north star and guard rail for planning and decision-making.

Put Your Purpose Into Action

We start by diagnosing gaps between your purpose and employees’ behaviors. We then train managers and employees to close those gaps by using your purpose to direct their day-to-day interactions, decisions and actions.


Let’s talk.

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