Case Study

Niagara Conservation

From commodity product to powerhouse challenger brand.


Niagara Conservation has been at the forefront of water conservation for 40 years, engineering toilets and shower heads that work better and waste nothing. However, despite the ingenuity of their products, the company was largely unknown and often found themselves competing on price. Joe Smith set out to elevate Niagara from a commodity to a powerhouse challenger brand.



Every company in the industry talked about water conservation as one of a list of product features. But no one owned it. As the brand behind the world’s most efficient toilet, Niagara was flush with opportunity to do so.


We knew water conservation wasn’t top of mind for everyone. But neither was responsible food sourcing before Whole Foods and farm-to-table restaurants. Niagara could be a pivotal voice in a growing movement, while highlighting the most distinguishing feature of its products.


Joe Smith began by establishing a cleaner brand architecture and clearer understanding of the customer. We used those efforts to inform a more compelling way to show and talk about water conservation. A new visual identity celebrates the beauty of water and marries modernity with hints of humanity. Niagara welcomes customers to the water revolution by reminding them that they’re “too smart to waste.”



Prior to the brand launch, Niagara generated 930 qualified sales leads over the course of a full year. Following the launch, they received 612 in just four weeks. At KBIS, a major kitchen and bath industry show, Niagara’s re-branded booth created an immersive water conservation experience, doubling referrals over previous years.


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