Case Study

Pratt & Whitney EngineWise™

Making service offers unique.


While best known for innovative aircraft engines, Pratt & Whitney also provides significant value to customers through engine maintenance and parts. But the company lacked a holistic story to tell about all of these “aftermarket” service offers. Pratt & Whitney also needed a name that would provide clarity and differentiation in an industry full of cumbersome acronyms. The company engaged Joe Smith to create a unifying brand, name and messaging strategy that would uniquely represent its commercial aftermarket services and stand out from the competition.


Joe Smith started by immersing in the world of aircraft engine services, interviewing engineers, sales teams and executive leadership. We also examined the competition and discovered that most companies shared a similar story around customization and choice. No one was talking about long-term service value – the measure customers cared about most.


Pratt & Whitney could differentiate itself by describing its long-lasting, collaborative partnerships with customers. Together, they develop a “shared intelligence” that creates value through service and helps customers better manage and run their fleets.


Joe Smith developed a strategic brand platform – with a compelling value proposition and narrative – to declare a unique place for Pratt & Whitney’s commercial engines aftermarket services. The new name for aftermarket services, EngineWise™, communicates the shared intelligence and expertise that separates Pratt & Whitney from the competition. An updated messaging strategy reinforces key themes through all communication channels. Finally, a refreshed version of the services provided – using a clear, value-based naming system – simplifies accessing and understanding the EngineWise™ offers.

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