Case Study

Pratt & Whitney

Elevating an already iconic brand.


A rich history, tireless innovation, excellence in commercial and military aviation, power generation, and environmental leadership — Pratt & Whitney has a lot of stories to tell. Our challenge was to weave all threads into a single powerful brand platform that is compelling to customers and inspiring to employees.


Joe Smith began with a deep immersion into Pratt & Whitney’s business, its customers, strategy and competitive landscape to mine for insights that would shape how it is perceived and positioned in the market. We discovered a tension between the desire to honor Pratt & Whitney’s past and position the brand for its future. And we believed there was a bigger story to tell — where the customer is the hero and the employees tie their hard work to an elevated purpose.


Pratt & Whitney needed a new corporate brand platform, driven by a belief that flight is an engine for human progress and a charge to customers and employees to “Go Beyond” in order to push it forward.



The Joe Smith team built an all new, aspirational corporate brand platform, which Pratt & Whitney unveiled at the international Paris Air show. With that foundation in place, we launched messaging platforms for each of the company’s business segments in addition to messaging for current and prospective employees. We then designed a new visual identity system to bring the new brand position to life and inform all internal and external creative development across the organization.


Pratt & Whitney has messaging that is now in use across all market segments and communication channels (e.g. Digital, Events, Media, Sales, etc.). Across all lines of business, refined visuals and creative assets are working harder to tell the Pratt & Whitney story in the form of ads, brochures and trade show booths. Best of all, the company grounds customer and partner experiences in the context of the new brand purpose and position.

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